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The burden of legacy systems

Our Philosophy

We help financial service providers to intelligently enable automation to alleviate the impost of regulation and other dynamically evolving business challenges. We partner with ADI's to help meet the business challenges threating their traditional markets and business models. Our philosophy is based on protecting the integrity of Australia's financial ecosystem. Regulated entities need better processes, improved efficiencies and increased agility. Neo-Analytic's services and offerings help transform those entities by optimising and modernising data management and analytic operations. We help ADI’s satisfy future business needs by addressing areas of data risk and providing guidance on intelligent banking, allowing them to focus on the business of financial innovation.

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Transcending traditional organisational barriers.

With over twenty five years experience in data management, we are truly passionate and focused on advanced analytics across big and small data. Aggressively exploring the boundaries of data science technologies, working with clients to develop analytical assets that simplfy regulatory reporting commitments.

Rick Rofe
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The data and analytics revolution are gaining momentum and the transformational potential it brings is not overhyped. Neo Analytics can help you harnessed these capabilities to improve core operations and launch entirely new business models as digital transformation create new opportunities.
New-age banking alternatives are already arriving in the financial services market. ADI's already exist that are entirely cloud based, providing enhanced customer experiences. Neo-Analytics maintains a core nucleus business and tech-team ready to help you make the transition.
Cloud computing is fast becoming the norm, not the exception for financial institutions in Australia. Neo-Analytics can help you build a roadmap of incremental value related to the data collection and analysis process. We can help you dial in on those ideas and innovation pursuits both strategically and technically around the customer experience.
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