Case Studies

Over the last couple of years we integrated our solutions within some of Australia’s most respected financial institutions.
Here are some of their stories:

Queensland Country Bank

Improving and maturing APRA reporting around predicting expected credit losses

Queensland Country Bank

Improving and maturing APRA reporting around predicting expected credit losses


In 2019, requirements around a new standard from the AASB came into full effect on bad and doubtful debt. Work completed by Queensland Country met the initial requirements by external auditors, however PwC noted a requirement to build and enhance the model into the future and to improve and mature their APRA reporting around credit recognition and measurement.

The challenges

  1. Dynamic regulatory requirements – New regulatory standards imposed new impairment monitoring responsibilities focused on predicting expected credit losses.
  2. Shifting to a pro-active, predictive approach – The complexity of the new standard necessitated a new approach that recognised impairment losses before observable evidence existed, Queensland Country needed to be proactive and aware before the fact, rather than reactive after the fact.
  3. Difficulty to execute – Lack of credible and quality data, talent, and understanding on how to implement the change.

The Results

Neo-Analytics automated the ingestion, validation and modelling of their data using PliantTM, our cloud-based AI analytic tool, and achieved:

  1. Accurate predictive models – we generated accuracy scores of over 0.9941 %.
  2. Operational efficiency – we automated the time consuming, iterative tasks related to data preparation and validation, and reduced human errors.
  3. Regulation & compliance – we added the ability to demonstrate to auditors and regulators that the facility monitoring processes meet the various thresholds and requirements.
  4. Long-term solution – we enhanced the process beyond the capabilities of the manual process to ensure a future-proof use of the technology and ongoing dynamic compliance.
“The solution provided by Neo- Analytics has enabled us to firstly solve a business problem that we currently do not have the capability to solve in this fashion. It has laid the foundation for future work around data and Al for the business while ensuring that we meet our compliance obligations associated with this standard. The team at Neo- Analytics, led by Rick Rofe, have been a pleasure to partner with and we look forward to working with the team well into the future.”
-Queensland Country Bank

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