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Dynamic Compliance as a Service

Delivering compliance peace of mind with a smart, agile platform that constantly monitors and adjusts to regulatory change, providing clear visibility of compliance metrics and thresholds.

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Pliant is helping financial organsiations detect and quickly respond to changing regulatory and compliance commitments by automating the compliance surveillance process with AI and machine learning :
We constantly monitor regulatory evolution
Our system automates the extraction and profiling of regulatory standards that previews change in advance.
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We analyse the input
Using NLP and ML technologies we process the regulators documentation and translate it into actionable insight.
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We compare and detect
We use advanced AI to evaluate new and updated regulatory changes, and then scan your regulatory controls for compliance.
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You get full control
and visibility
Get alerts, insights, and access to a compliance management dashboard with modern cloud tooling, analytics, reporting and much more.
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you can predict

Pliant proactively runs behavioural profiling algorithms to triage unusual patterns, anomalies and trends in data. It’s self-learning capabilities allow it to automatically adjust to changing data patterns in the customer’s member ecosystem, and monitor alert thresholds and parameters.


A compliance transformation that helps you embrace change, knowing your core compliance principles are retained.

Stay compliant

Our dynamic compliance solution adjusts to and monitors regulatory change, ensuring customer policies and controls adapt flexibly to changing requirements.

Gain visibility

The automated regulatory processes mitigate the technical complexity and delivers a consolidated view of information and a regulatory compliance visibility.

Become agile

Easily adjust to changing commitments, react faster to new threats and speed up modeling processes to keep your competitive edge.


Spend less time on manual processes, data consolidation, analysing and reporting and let our cloud-based ML do the work for you.


Utilise our predictive analytics, stay on top of anomalies and expose hidden customer behaviors, enabling 360 degrees of cognitive surveillance.

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