Start Fast.
Finish Strong.

Neo Analytics BI Accelerator is designed to jumpstart your banking BI capabilities and help you reach new heights.

Perform at your best

Built specifically to source data from the Data Action core banking system, the BI Accelerator provides your bank with cloud-based big data and analytic tooling that helps you make smarter decisions, focus resources more efficiently, and improve your overall performance.


Incorporating data from CBS, Symtrix and IB systems to enhance the data coming from your Data Action core banking system.


Ingested data lands in your choice of public cloud provider (Azure, AWS or GCS).

Smart by design

Fully packed with integrated AI and Machine Learning capabilities that can help you better manage and consume your data in real time.


Deployed entirely within your network environment and your control, with ready access to preconfigured BI reports.

Let’s get you across the goal line

Keep on top of your game

Whether it’s business-as-usual or dealing with unstable economic conditions, the ability to easily access and digest data can help your bank:

  • Ingest, process, and transform massive quantities and types of data,
  • Explore data through data science techniques, including but not limited to machine learning,
  • Guarantee that data available for business queries is reliable and up to date,
  • Povide data engineers, data scientists, and data analysts the unique tools they need to do their work,
  • Overcome traditional challenges associated with data science and machine learning workflows.

Let’s get the ball rolling

Leave room to grow

The BI Accelerator comes with a built-in data governance framework that can help you scale your data and increase its complexity without losing control, increasing the risk of being non-compliant, or compromising on data quality.

It incorporates tools like data lineage, data classification, data dictionary, search and discovery to make sure you have the peace of mind to grow.

Set yourself up for compliance success

Extend the power of your new BI capabilities into the world of automated compliance.

Our PliantTM dynamic compliance solution can plug into the BI Accelerator to help you constantly monitor and adjust to regulatory change, providing clear visibility of compliance metrics and thresholds.

Accelerate your Big Data journey