The Path to Integration

Neo-Analytics can help your organisation generate value from data by reducing the cost of the operational and technical challenges in integrating business applications and data. Data integration done right can increase revenue, reduce customer loss to competitors and optimise processes.

Data integration enbables successful digital transformation and helps ADI’s become data driven to meet rising customer expectations. We assist in breaking down data silos using integrated data hubs that generate insights driving innovation and new digital business processes and models enabling process optimisation.

Neo-Analytics’s data Integration capabilities provide the connectorions and gateways that make it possible to bring any data, internal or external, into a Common Data Service (CDS) and store that data in a Common Data Model (CDM). These connectors and gateways make it easier for ADI’s to integrate their data in a single place for business analytics and machine learning. Data Integration uses Microsoft technology that millions of people use daily in Power BI and other analytics tools.

We provide simpler, smarter transformation and integration capabilities for ADIs.

Our solutions provide direct connectivity to most business-critical data sources. Our methodology and approach enable richer connectivity to third-party applications and services.

We integrate data silos either on premises or in the cloud, our approach is suited to all data integration needs and skill levels. Easily construct and processes data movement, code-free in an intuitive visual environment, or write your own code.

Visually integrate data sources using more than 80 natively built and maintenance-free connectors at no added cost. Focus on your data – our integration services do the rest.

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